About Mark Ruge

There is a difference
between knowing the path
…and walking the path.



When we meet someone for the first time, the immediate conversation usually goes to safe questions of, "What do you do?" or something similar. Hopefully we get answers to the big questions like, "Can I trust you?" or, "Do we connect?" which are the questions behind the initial question. These are good things on which to be clear!

I have to confess that I don't have an exciting answer to "what do I do". The straight answer is that I am a man living life as masterfully as I can, doing whatever presents itself in the moment, being attentive to what is happening in my life. If you were to ask me my purpose in life that would be it. That doesn’t mean I don't have plans or dreams, but I am not attached to those plans when something else comes along, as it often does.

The reality is that what I do or have done, interesting as it may be, isn't who I am, and that’s true for everyone. How I do whatever I do, is the real answer to the question. That’s about living life, and it's an experience. Looking back at my life however, I consider that I have had a "fortunate life", even when considering the parts that I might label painful. They are the events that asked me to risk holding a bigger picture, to grow in my capacity for being present in whatever life had to offer.

I do know that when I encountered a "something" called Reiki 20 years ago, an awareness was awakened that I was not on course for how I wanted to be in my life, that there were aspects of my being that were little known, unhealed, and unacknowledged. In six short months the life I had lived to that time was over, I was offered and accepted a severance from my comfortable salaried career path of 23 years. It was not the first, or the last, experience of the "death" of whatever identity I believed to be “me” and that process continues.

When I taught my first Reiki class, I had a picture of a future that I believed lay ahead of me, but Life however had a different plan; I had to let go of my mind picture, to just be a more present father to my teenage children, partner to my wife, to care for my parents when they were ill, to be with them when they were dying.

In the midst of this I kept at my daily practice, simply living life, living the folk healing art called Reiki as I had learnt it from my teacher. I taught a class from time to time, experienced Reiki practice and people in different parts of the world. The way and the means were provided for.

I joined an international body of Reiki Masters, The Reiki Alliance (TRA), in search of a "home", a tribe perhaps, ...and found it, became involved, served a term on the governing Board. TRA became, and is still, my connection with masters in my form of practice from all over the world, and a point of connection with the original masters who took this form of practice.

These are the broad brushstrokes of the life experience that colours the context in which I hold, practise and teach Usui Shiki Ryoho (Reiki). These experiences, and the processes I observed in my self and others from the practice are my motivation to continue the practice, and the catalyst for making available opportunities for people who have already taken Reiki and who wish to reconnect with the practice or deepen their awareness of what they had received in the practice.

Everywhere I look in life I am confronted with the paradox of life, its includible beauty and richness almost beyond belief, and on the other hand there is the way human beings are living life with little hope and in suffering. I am unable to change that, but there is a place where I am able to have an effect. The place that I can change is in me, and in my response to what I experience in the world here, right now. The way I am being impacts on the people and the world about me. It's not magic, it's just how it is for me.

I also hold the possibility for others to choose to learn the Reiki practice. The practice has a purpose; it holds the pathway into an ever deepening knowing and experience of who we really are, the possibility of entering into a place for the heart to deepen in its own knowing, and in its own truth. This feels like a good and life-affirming thing to do ...perhaps the only thing really worth doing.

And life goes on. The end of a marital relationship and its adjustments afterward are receding into the past. A life with a new partner, who is also a Reiki master, is where I am in this moment. I offer Reiki classes in Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands, and have a therapy stall offering Reiki and Pulsing at the Kuranda original markets on weekdays. Life remains good, rich beyond measure. I continue to feel "fortunate".

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" You...
are not now,
nor have you
ever been
'ordinary' "

Family too.