Self first...
and then others!



Hands-on Treatment

Hands on treatment is what people see and experience concerning the Reiki practice, and for many people this is what Reiki “is”. Hands-on healing in its many forms and frameworks has been used in different ways throughout human history. The Usui System uses a hands-on treatment method, adapting it to support the student and the practice of the system.

The identifying characteristics of the Usui Shiki Ryoho method are a sequential patterning of hand placements in contact with the body of the receiver of treatment, a process called initiation used to awaken awareness, and a space of being present, "doing without doing" during the process of hands on treatment.

Hands-on healing is however simply the practice, what people who have taken the practice into their life do (which is why its called a practice). This is a compassionate and practical means of interaction with those who are in the practice and also with the community in which people live. The Usui System provides the framework in which the practice is used and held. Healing, in whichever way it occurs, is simply the natural human response to the experience.

The Practice

The Usui System of Reiki Healing is first and foremost a self healing practice focused on self-treatment ...self first and then others. This is the model. Daily self-treatment is the ideal, what works best. A regular daily practice quiets the mind, enhances self-awareness and induces the relaxation response, bringing balance to the the mind and the body.

Having experience of the benefit of self-treatment on oneself, it is natural to share the experience, to extend hands-on treatment to family and friends, and with similar results. Even a "beginner" is able to give a good treatment. In essence, the hands-on practice is something you are able to do most anywhere, any time.

With family and friends this can be as simple as a comforting touch, placing a hand on a place that hurts, holding a hand that needs holding. Or it can be more deliberate and mindful, in the form of what is called a "Reiki treatment".

Safe physical contact is a very human need, there are no exceptions. The routine patterning of hand positions gives confidence about where and how your body will be touched, so the process is made a safe and predictable experience for both the person receiving the treatment and the person giving the treatment.

The Experience

The hands-on treatment experience is most often described as relaxing, or comforting, as leaving a sense of well being, and often with sensations of warmth or “tingling” sensations within the body. While a single isolated treatment session can prove beneficial, a systematic approach with several treatment sessions initially, and with follow up treatments for longer term results, has been found to work best for established or chronic conditions.

There are no contra indications, no reason that you are not able to receive a treatment. Hands-on treatment can be used alongside any conventional medical or other health related treatment or procedure you may have chosen to receive. Your pacemaker and unborn child are in safe hands.

And ...you can use it on yourself! What is there to not like about that?

There are however, no guarantees of a desired result (this is real life after all!). Healing can and does happen without visible changes, our bodies do not necessarily respond as we might like, some physical processes are seemingly not reversible beyond a critical point. Nonetheless, relief from pain, or an improved condition of life often result, and, from time to time the seemingly miraculous occurs.

What happens, with hindsight, appears uniquely matched to the individual, what is needed at that time in that situation . My perception is that the outcome is what we as individuals do with “the Reiki experience”, and not something that is done to us. This perception only deepens in me with time. Whatever happens, life retains it mystery and richness. This is my experience.

First oneself...

“When you touch a body, you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit, and the emotions".

- Jane Harrington.

...then others