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Heart of Healing

Mikao Usui went in search of the answer to one of life’s great questions, the nature of healing. Whether we are aware of it or not, we follow in his footsteps on that journey. Whatever our personal experience might be, the common threads of the answer to that question connects us all.

When we engage with one another in a common practice, being willing to accept one another as we are in the moment, being open to our often unrecognised inner wisdom, we touch our common ground, we enter into the experience and the mystery of the Reiki experience in our lives.

Our mindful facilitated interaction with one another reveals the common threads in our experience, allows us to know we are not alone, perhaps leading to a clearer sense of connection not only as human beings in daily life, but as a community of people who share this practice.

In this workshop we touch on many aspects of the hands on practice, and explore one of the great questions, the nature of healing, and where that might lead us personally and in our Reiki practice.

The Precepts

The Reiki precepts are an integral part of the system of practice. For me, they are a key point of the practice, although their significance and purpose is not universally appreciated. Mikao Usui's memorial stone carries an inscription that encourages the daily recitation of the precepts as “the secret method to invite happiness”.

In this workshop we begin with our own stories and insights into the precepts. We explore ways we might more consciously live them, how they might be a guide to a way of being that enriches our everyday life, and our moment to moment existence. We delve into the different levels of meaning that are held in these words, seek out the unifying thread behind the words that is the “secret” in plain view.

Aspects and Elements

Aspects and Elements are the descriptions created by Phyllis Furumoto to give language to the experience of the Usui System as it is held in the form of practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho, in which she is acknowledged as the Lineage Bearer.

We all have burning questions about why at least one of the elements is part of the practice, or even why there is a system at all! Some of the answers to these questions become more clear when viewed through the lenses of these descriptions.

This workshop is open to anyone who has taken a Reiki class of any form, being presented in a way that respects each person's personal form of practice. There is value in this exploration for everyone as the system is ultimately about revealing the nature of the self, and who we are as human beings.

The workshop is in the form of a wide ranging overview, focusing on what’s topical in the moment for each workshop, a grounding in the frameworks that make up the system of practice that is Usui Shiki Ryoho.

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The Healing Paradigm
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The Precepts
"The secret Method"

Aspects and Elements
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